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Jotform Headquarter

Type | Interior Design
Area | 3250 m2
Year | 2019-2020
Location | Hacettepe Teknokent | Ankara

Jotform Headquarter Offices are located on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors of Hacettepe Teknokent 6th R&D building, in block C, on a total area of ​​3250 m2. The design, which started with a 600m2 section of the 5th floor in 2014, has improved with a design approach that spreads to the entire floor and all of the other floors as a result of the company's growth action. The design has been developed to reflect the corporate identity of Jotform and the working principles of the company. Since the company is a digital platform company, it has employees in fields such as design, software, graphic design. In general, the principles of relaxed and free working played an important role in the development of the design. Apart from the glass team offices, a design has been created that is far from the conventional office working system such as free working areas, comfortable working areas, common presentation areas, and the boundaries of team and individual work, rest, social areas, eating/drinking functions are blurred. There is not even a welcome section in the design, since the entire working system is carried out over the internet and there is a setup where the customer does not experience the space. The design has been developed entirely on how the company's employees will feel more comfortable and create an atmosphere in which they can work well. The use of natural wood as a material, and setups such as the open amphitheater presentation area, open dining area, large comfortable sitting areas, which were not unique in this type of buildings before, support this atmosphere. It is inspired by the working principles of the world's major digital platform companies, where this type of working system is seen

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