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KH Headquarter

Type | Interior Design
Area | 6000 m2
Year | 2010
Location | Ankara

KH Headquarters, which has 6000m2 used area and with the number of 300 working person , is designed as a three compartments; entrance and information area, inner garden and the offices, design studios and refectory. 200 m-long building as a horizontal skyscraper is a factory building by peeling the walls and become only its columns and beams for designing new functions. Prestige and identity to reflect concerns from the entrance is kept in the forefront of design concept, granite and wooden panels space with a modern interpretation and is reflected in a large reception desk. This approach is dominated by linear editing, design elements and other details need to compartments a sensitive approach to ecology was emphasized.

Finally, whole 6000m2 office spaces are designed for creating a new working ecological environment era and interior design project with a unique way of using day lights, materials and plants.

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