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TED University C-D-E Blocks

Type | Interior Design
Area | 40.000 m2
Year | 2015-2017
Location | Ankara

TED University  has 40.000 sqm area which includes Amphi, Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, Office Floors, Conference Rooms, Cafeteria, Conference Room, Foyer Room, Clubs, Sports Center, Library etc. as well as a wide variety of space constructions.

These structures include the conversion of registered buildings, which are historically historical and formerly used as colleges, to the function of the University, as well as the transformation of the University into a campus with additional new buildings. While design concepts are being developed at this point, the institution has focused on the historical past and the progress of the future towards the future.  

The site constructions have been articulated with refined high-level detail solutions through a contemporary and progressive way. The premises are built with advanced technological infrastructure and suggest a new kind of modern vision in terms of experience.

The combinatorial and disintegrating feature of spatial manipulation is presented to the user with a fictional experience throughout the entire campus.

The project received A’Design Award 2017 in Interior Design Category from Italy.

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